About Me

I was 14 years old when I first started experiencing stomach pain and was in and out of hospitals for years with no confirmation of what was causing the pain. Finally, in 2009 I found out a gluten free diet was just what I needed. After my other previously unexplained symptoms also went away, I discovered I had Celiac Disease. Since 2009 I have been researching recipes, medical information, and money saving tips to live a better gluten free life.

Long before I started my GF diet, I developed a love for cooking and baking. I now find a fun challenge in tweaking my original recipes to be GF while keeping the taste and saving money. I hope that the information I post on this blog is helpful to everyone who is living on a gluten-free diet. The initial changes were difficult and stressful, but now I am healthy and feeling better than ever living simply gluten-free.

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