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I miss instant oatmeal and grits, but couldn't find any information about Quaker's products being gluten free. There aren't any obvious gluten-containing ingredients in the instant oatmeal and grits, but I emailed and asked Quaker to be sure. This is the response.


Thanks for letting us know that you love Quaker Grits. I'm sorry to say that we cannot guarantee that many of our products are gluten free, including our standard, instant, and quick Grits.

Even when gluten is not present in any of the ingredients, the grains in our products could be grown, harvested, or stored with other gluten-containing grains and thus may contain trace amounts of gluten from those other grains. It may seem minor, but many individuals sensitive to gluten cannot tolerate even small amounts.

With that said, I'd like you to know that we've introduced gluten free Quaker Large Rice Cakes which are now on store shelves. Please look for the gluten free label on the package; it's located just above the Nutritional Facts panel. To view our selection of Large Rice Cakes, please click on the following link:


In addition, if you'd like additional information on gluten and Celiac Disease, I invite you to visit the following website:


We appreciate your considering Quaker Grits, Lauren, and I hope this information is helpful.

Quaker Consumer Relations
A Division of PepsiCo

Geri's reply is very informative and helpful, but it seems I would be wise to give up eating Quaker products...other than the rice cakes she mentioned. I wanted to share this in case anyone else was curious. It's important to note that, as this shows, many foods that appear to be gluten free may not be, and I'm hopeful labeling requirements will soon be in place.


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