Cecilia Explains What Is Required for Restaurants to Be Gluten Free

I've been gluten free for about two and a half years now and thought I had done my research. I even created this blog to help new gluten-freers. Cecilia's videos taught me so much more. She geared them towards restaurants since many don't fully understand how to prepare and serve a meal that is truly gluten free. Like I said, I learned a lot from these videos and realized I may have to give up many of the restaurants I thought were safe. I never want to be "that" customer because I'm asking a lot of questions and show a lack of trust in the chefs and servers, but I enjoy going out to eat and appreciate knowing that I'm not going to get sick after eating a meal that I thought was gluten free.

Here are her videos. I hope you also learn something new from them and pass them along. You can see other videos from Cecilia here.


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